Tenant and Lease Management Specialist
This Tenant Management System aims to assist landlords in enhancing their planning and strategic decision-making processes. Daily sales data collected from POS machines in shops will be consolidated, allowing for comprehensive reporting, tracking, and analysis. These insights will support business strategies and decision-making.

Sales data from shops is collected via FTP or SFTP with specified parameters. Our system accommodates all POS machine types in the market and includes interfaces from various vendors, ensuring daily sales are uploaded to management servers. Whether Cloud-based or Onsite, we provide solutions tailored to your requirements.

Avantech 360  Avantech 360  Avantech 360

Once data is uploaded to our servers, we consolidate and manage it securely. This data is then utilized for analysis to enhance strategic planning and provide flexible solutions. We prioritize data security, ensuring that all information is securely stored and accessible only to authorized personnel. Each shop's POS machine is assigned a unique machine ID to prevent data mixing and ensure uniqueness.

Avantech 360 is a Tenant Management System designed specifically for shopping malls. It aggregates sales data from all mall outlets, facilitating rental collection based on tenant sales. This system enables mall management to query real-time tenant business metrics such as sales performance and occupancy costs. By automating tenant data collection, Avantech 360 reduces manual entry errors and empowers landlords to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Moreover, Avantech 360 interfaces seamlessly with real estate systems like SAP RE, SAP RE FX, Voyager by Yardi, MRI, ACCPAC, Simplicity by Anacle, IFCA, and iREMS by IBM. It functions both as a standalone system and integrates with Traffic Count systems, supporting multi-language capabilities across Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines with expansions planned for Indonesia and Thailand.

Services offered include feasibility studies, requirements analysis, project management, user training, and ongoing support under maintenance contracts.

Mall 360 complements Avantech 360 with a self-service BI dashboard platform, providing comprehensive insights and analytics across various mall systems including Avantech 360, Marketing 360, Traffic Count systems, and Car Park Systems. It consolidates data to offer real-time business intelligence, facilitating strategic decisions by mall management.

Additionally, Portal 360 enhances the system by allowing tenants to submit manual sales and adjustments through a web-based portal. This feature streamlines the collection process, offers features like sales approval and correction, and integrates with financial systems for billing and verification purposes.

Avantech 360

In summary, Avantech 360, Mall 360, and Portal 360 collectively provide robust lease management, BI analytics, and tenant interaction capabilities tailored for efficient mall operations and strategic decision-making.
The Best ERP Software in Singapore
Avantech ERP is a comprehensive, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution based in Singapore. It combines Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Employee Self-Service modules to optimize business processes and enhance productivity. With its web-based platform and multi-company and multi-currency capabilities, Avantech ERP empowers organizations to streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency.
Avantech ERP Software
Point of Sale is our Business
Whether you need to equip a retail outlet or quick service restaurant, Avantech will provide you the best ROI. Our POS software offerings are easy to learn and give you the control you need to run your business more efficiently. Avantech provides powerful retail Point of Sale (POS) systems for retail stores, cafe and restaurants in Singapore. At Avantech we work closely with business owners to ensure our system meets or exceeds our client's expectations. Our goal is to provide our customers with reasonably priced, quality Point of Sale (POS) systems.
MerchantPlay™ Windows POS software is a Windows-based Point of Sale software designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and most importantly retain your customers. Keep those lines moving quickly with our user-friendly, customizable touchscreen interface. Empower your people to deliver outstanding service using the concise and user friendly screen layouts, allowing them to make the best use of your investment.
MerchantPlay™ Windows POS Software
MerchantPlay™ Cloud POS Software
All customer data is stored "in the cloud" and backed-up by multiple, redundant servers. If you experience a catastrophic hardware failure, your point of sale system can be back online in minutes. Launch the browser on another computer with internet access and you're back in business.
The future is Cloud-Based and Avantech shows you exactly how far cloud-based POS can be developed. This full-featured Windows POS client is quick and painless to install, powerful yet easy to use, and has minimal hardware requirements allowing you to utilize existing hardware. Internet disruptions are no longer a dilemma. MerchantPlay™ Hybrid POS works both on & offline utilizing its best in breed Cloud Hybrid technology.
MerchantPlay™ Hybrid POS Software
MerchantPlay™ Hybrid POS registers can function offline, store data locally, and synchronize back to the cloud once Internet connection is re-established. Powered by MerchantPlay™ Cloud POS Software as its backend, MerchantPlay™ Hybrid POS register is truly real-time.
Currently, over 88% of all POS terminals utilize Windows as their main operating system. This is not a step back in technology, but rather providing answer to all retailers considering the cloud's burning question "what if my internet goes down?" Enjoy the benefits of web based POS without the worry of Internet dependency.
MerchantPlay™ POS software is feature-packed
We've been building point of sale and retail management tools for a decade. We learned how incredibly complex retail can be - then we learned how to make it easy. Check out our exhaustive list of features. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, contact us, ask questions and find out if we're a good fit for you.
  • Smart Quick Sales Buttons
  • Refunds
  • Deposits
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Discounts
  • GST Support
  • Intuitive Sales History
  • Customer Sales Tracking
  • Customisable Receipt Fields
  • Quick Price Lookup
  • Product Management
  • Members Management
  • Management Reports
  • Stock Level Adjustment
  • Exportable Reports
  • System Setup Control
  • User Roles & Access Controls
  • POS Hardware Setup
  • Barcode Scanning Support
  • Barcode Label Printing Support
Do you have any questions? Please send us an email to our friendly sales representative with no obligation.
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