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We provide technology solutions for Asia's changing business environment, through consultancy and systems integration.

Our digital journey

Avantech is Singapore's forefront app development company established in 2007. We pride ourselves in providing quality IT services and creating user-centered solutions supported by the most advanced cutting-edge technology and our expert team of software engineers, developers, and designers. Our team specializes in creating user-centered apps in iOS, Android, web and cross platform centered on cloud technologies.

15+ years of IT experience

Supporting 500+ local businesses

Solutions processed $100m+ of sales

Local support

Our mission

We at Avantech understand the importance of accurate information for successful businesses. With the vast experience of our key personnel, we provide suitable services and solutions that delivery the vital information to these businesses.

We also create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful, and fun office and workshop environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the services we provide and the products we produce. We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.

Although we recognize the intimate relationship between profitability and quality products, we know that our success is ultimately dependent on the well-being of our employees.

Our partners


Our solutions

Providing Business Solutions For Any Business Type

Cloud POS System for F&B

Centralize order management for your self ordering channels with your Avantech POS system. Through the multiple productivity boosting solutions that Avantech offers, you can handle high order volumes with less manpower, effortlessly update you POS system's menu online, improve kitchen productivity with Kitchen Display Systems and analyze and manage your F&B business through a cloud based, online portal.

- Point-of-Sales
- QR Ordering
- Kitchen Display System
- Self-Service Kiosk
- Mobile Staff Ordering
- eMenu
- Queue Management

Cloud POS System for Retail

Always be aware of your inventory level and retail business performance. Avantech provides a complete retail solution which helps you manage your stock levels, perform meaningful analytics through comprehensive reports and manage your retail business online or in-store. Avantech POS system also gives your retail business connectivity an additional boost through accounting software integration.

- Point-of-Sales
- Inventory Management
- Purchase Management
- Stocktake Controls
- Accounting Software Integrations
- Ecommerce Software Integrations

Cloud POS System for Beauty, Wellness & Recreation

A beauty salon's operations involves keeping track of multiple aspects of your business such as appointment management, customers' health checklist check-in and inventory management etc. Centralize your operation management through a cloud based, feature rich POS system for maximum connectivity and productivity.

- Point-of-Sales
- Appointment Booking Module
- Customer Health QnA Checklist
- Stocktake Controls
- Accounting Software Integrations
- Ecommerce Software Integrations

Our services


Technology is a powerful enabler in today’s digital world, helping businesses to stay productive, efficient and competitive in the marketplace. However, maintaining an on-premise IT team - to keep systems running smoothly - is costly, and may not be feasible for some businesses. It is against this backdrop that many organisations are outsourcing IT Management to partners like Avantech.

Web & Mobile App Development

Avantech offers a range of product development services which include strategy, user experience, cloud architecture, web development & cross platform mobile app development for iOS, Android & Web apps. Our strong engineering team includes AWS Certified Solution Architects & Google Cloud Partners.

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Managed Services

Avantech Managed Services offers the complete suite of IT Support required by enterprises of all backgrounds. With a dedicated tailored IT deployment system, we deliver high standards of IT services to help you manage and improve your IT environment.

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System Maintenance Services

More than just fixing bugs, Avantech System Maintenance Services includes making sure your IT performance is at its optimal level. Our prominent support team will help you optimize your process so that your development process will not be hindered.

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Avantech is one of Singapore's earliest pioneers in app development, delivering excellent digital solutions to its clients for more than a decade. Throughout the years, we have launched and maintained products for our clients on both web and mobile fronts – from desktop systems to iOS and Android devices.

Our range of capabilities extends not only to apps themselves but also the intricate planning, design process, and industry practices that ensure each product is finished in the highest possible quality.


Web apps are one of Avantech's primary products. Our in-house developers are skilled in Progressive web apps, responsive design, and most modern languages including HTML5, AngularJS, and Node.js. Because web apps are server or cloud based, we prioritize our client's security and digital compliance, and evaluate our designs to the highest standards in quality assurance testing.


Client-side interfaces are the gateway and reception area for businesses and organizations on the web. As user-centred designers, we at Avantech take extra care in ensuring that your web visitors and users experience your brand and message in the most satisfactory way possible. Our team of front-end developers are knowledgeable in the latest processes, languages, and tools in shaping your website or web app's pages.


Avantech iOS application development specializes in creating apps using Objective-C and Swift languages. We can build tailor-fit apps for any size of business or organization, and their preference of Apple devices – from iPhones to wearables and Apple TV. We also provide mobile back-end engineering services.


Avantech is also an Android application development company in Singapore, providing end-to-end development services for the world's most popular mobile operating system. Our developers have more than ten years of experience in Java, customizing Android apps, and providing mobile back-end and front-end design.


We all know the critical role of technology in managing daily operations and infrastructure. However, with growing business demands, IT needs to be agile and scalable to keep up — and having proactive measures such as regular monitoring and health checks in enabling growth. Can your already-strapped IT team spare the resources for it?

Avantech Managed Services takes away the headache of managing and improving your IT. Our suite of Managed Services can help you reduce overheads, boost productivity, and improve efficiency with an SLA place so you can focus on building your business instead.


IT teams in medium to large organisations are often called upon to meet internal user demand, for example, service desk support and incident management. However, providing such levels of support can be costly and resource intensive.

We offer Service Desk Support to help organisations scale their operations and meet internal user demands. We provide internal users with 24x7 local support, and a consistent, personalised service experience, regardless of when and where the service call is made.

- 24x7 local phone and email support
- 1st level problem resolution
- Optional 2nd level incident onsite support services


Organisations are increasingly migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud, drawn by its promise of scalability, speed and efficiency. However, this means organisations are in demand for cloud specialists to help with implementing the right multi-cloud strategies, amidst increasing IT complexity.

Tailor-made for your specific cloud and business needs, we provide technical know-hows, unparalleled service capabilities, and customer-centric service delivery through a flexible pricing model.

- Cloud management portal
- 24x7 cloud incident management
- Cloud change management
- Cloud monitoring


Some organisations require IT support beyond what a local service desk can provide.

At Avantech, we provide dedicated manpower for organisations at your premise to cater to business needs. With the wide range of support and services available, you can ensure a smooth end-user experience.

- 24x7 phone and email support
- Optional self-help chatbot
- Dedicated on-site support and services
- System administration – patches & updates
- System monitoring tools
- System assessment reporting with strategic recommendations
- Locally located
- Data resides in Singapore


With the technology landscape constantly changing, it is a challenge for organisations to find the right manpower and equip them with the relevant skills.

We provide organisations with access to talents with the specific expertise they need, whenever they need it. Backed by Avantech's dedicated team of experienced IT specialists and professionals, we offer a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

- Helpdesk agent
- Deskside engineer
- System administrator
- Network engineer


Let’s face it, maintaining IT probably keeps you busy most of the day. Systems need to be running smoothly, hardware needs to be maintained regularly to maximise its lifespan, and employees are always facing a technical issue or another. How do you get the support you need to enable seamless operations and drive innovation, without straining your limited IT resources and budget?

Avantech's team of dedicated IT professionals has extensive experience in supporting various IT platforms and environments. We have the expertise to cater to your specific requirements so you can get the most out of your IT and employees.


Maintaining IT hardware and equipment can be challenging, especially when there are multiple types of equipment and maintenance end dates. Often, you end up facing equipment failure that requires immediate attention to minimise the impact on operations.

Many organisations lack the internal manpower and resources to ensure regular maintenance and upgrading of their IT equipment. We provide Hardware Maintenance services to relieve you from technical burden, yet allowing you to stay on top of your IT hardware needs.

- Phone & email support
- Repair and replacement of parts
- Preventive maintenance
- Loan provisioning
- Inventory check
- Onsite support
- Onsite technical review


IT systems software today are the nerve centres for organisations, responsible for the smooth and efficient running of business operations. When system failures occur, these disruptions can severely affect key business functions.

Businesses must keep their IT systems well-maintained - to ensure smooth operations, while maximising uptime for quality and efficient system fulfilment and delivery. With our flexible token-based approach, you can get support from a range of services that cater to your needs

- Phone & email support
- System software troubleshooting and patching
- Remote hands support
- On-site engineer support
- Project deployment and management services

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